Seven Tips to Stay Active at Work


Author: Adnan Manzoor
Source: LifeHack

Staying fit is important for a healthy and active life. Nowadays life has become so busy that it is not always possible to take time for a workout, but working out is important. For working people, it can be challenging to maintain a good working out routine to stay fit. When you spend so much of your time sitting at a desk you need to take out some time for exercising to stay active. Working long hours can be exhausting and it is possible to become lazy and lethargic. If you do not want to lose energy while working, then you need to follow some tips. Here are some of the tips for working people to stay active and fit despite their busy schedules.

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What Leaders Must Do In 2017

leaderAuthor: Anita Bruzzese
Source: QuickBase

In 2017, there will be a total solar eclipse, Elvis Presley’s Career Museum will open and more leaders will ask their employees to help them map out the future strategy and success of their companies.

That last prediction comes from Elise Olding, a research vice president with Gartner, Inc. who specializes in organizational and cultural change, and who is speaking at the Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit this week.

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Job Search Advice for 2017


Author: Maximillian Specht
Source: Jobacle

Are you preparing to start 2017 looking for job search advice? Most people assume that figuring out how to look for jobs is the main component of the job search – but it’s so much more! There are so many trends, best practices and other factors shaping the job search market, it can almost be overwhelming at times. The best job searching tips are the ones that come from experience, though, and we’ve got advice for those heading into the New Year looking for a change of professional scenery.

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Weekend Planner: December 2


Friday’s here again!  Welcome to Weekend Planner, your weekend update on fun.

Every Friday we put together a list of the weekend events we think look most interesting and provide them here. Keep in mind there is always a lot more going on, and all it takes is a little digging to find something that will be the perfect activity for you.

Click on any of the event titles for a link to the event.

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The Best Career Advice You Never Hear

jobadvicebusinessAuthor: Emmie Martin
Source: Business Insider

There’s plenty of stale career advice out there: Go the extra mile. Do what you love. Always be the first one there and the last to leave.

But a recent Quora thread, “What are a few pieces of unique career advice that nobody ever mentions?”, provides something different: valuable career advice that we haven’t heard a million times before.

Here are 13 of the best responses:

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Hump Day Treat: 5 Quick Tips for Better Productivity


Author: Ariella Coombs
Source: Work It Daily

It’s hump day, which sometimes feels like the hardest day of the week to get through. Last weekend is a distant memory and next weekend is days away. Productivity can take a hit on Wednesdays, so Ariella Coombs has five quick tips for improved productivity to get you through the day.

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Technology Tuesday: November 29


Welcome to Technology Tuesday! Every week The Job Shop Blog will bring you our 5 top science and technology news stories from around the web.

This week: New nanotech could charge your phone in seconds, IBM devises a way to grow computer chips, diamond batteries made from nuclear waste, classifying aging as a disease, and augmented reality crime scene investigation. Continue reading