Technology Tuesday: August 22


Welcome to Technology Tuesday! On Tuesdays, The Job Shop Blog brings you our 5 top science and technology news stories from around the web.

This week: A “holodeck” for animals, a mind controlled video game, a gene editing cure for ALS, a Chinese woman is cryogenically frozen, and cyborg bacteria improve upon the process of photosynthesis. Continue reading

Microchips in Employees?

microchipsAuthor: Karim Ansari
Source: Undercover Recruiter

The future is here, and our integration with technology has begun. For years now we have been integrating technology into our daily lives and engaging with different technologies on a constant basis.

Imagine life without internet connectivity or your mobile phone? There’s no way we can live without either. We are seeing advances in technology that without a doubt is improving what we can do as human beings, and is vital to our future development.

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Weekend Planner: August 18


You’ve worked hard all week, and now Friday’s here again! It’s time to start planning your weekend!  Welcome to Weekend Planner, your weekend update on fun.

Every Friday we put together a list of the weekend events we think look most interesting and provide them here. Keep in mind there is always a lot more going on, and all it takes is a little digging to find something that will be the perfect activity for you.

Click on any of the event titles for a link to the event.

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6 Ways To Turn Your Core Passions Into A Successful Career

Riley-for-ForbesAuthors: John Schneider and David Auten
Source: Forbes

Patrick L. Riley is an independent producer, media personality and writer based in New York City. Until 2012, his primary client was The Oprah Winfrey Show. Riley field-produced entertainment and human-interest story segments for The Oprah Winfrey Show from 1998 until the show wrapped.

How did a gay, African-American man from a religious household in Atlanta build a successful career as a creative who continues to work with The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), The Wendy Williams Show, BET Creative Services, NBC and others?

We met Riley when we spoke at Prudential’s LGBT Financial Experience Symposium last June. Riley gave the opening presentation and was a hard act to follow. After hearing his story, we knew we needed Riley to come on Queer Money to talk about how he blazed a successful career that fueled his core passions.

Below is some of Riley’s career advice.

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Entry-Level Positions!


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How to Ace an Initial Phone Interview

pilbox.themuse.comAuthor: Jenny Foss
Source: The Daily Muse

Congratulations. Your resume (or LinkedIn profile) just captured the attention of a recruiter. Take a moment to high-five yourself, for real. You done good.

Now what?

Now, you will likely be invited to participate in a phone interview—via phone, Skype, or Google Hangout or in-person—with the HR person or recruiter who just found you. Wowing this person is very important, because if you fail to, you’re not going to have the chance to dazzle the hiring manager with your mad skills at all. Your goose, as they say, will be cooked.

So, how do you stack the odds in your favor and ensure that you sail through this critical stage in the hiring process? By understanding what the recruiter’s role is, what he’s looking for, and what he stands to gain by finding the right candidate, and then strategizing accordingly.

Here are four ways to rock the screening call with a recruiter.

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Does Certification Help You Get a Better Job?

certAuthor: Larry Alton
Source: Undercover Recruiter

As a new professional looking for your first job experience straight after graduation, you’ve probably heard that earning certain certifications can help you get a job. However, these tests are costly and time-consuming, and some people report that the certification did nothing to help them land the job of their dreams. Is it worth it for you?

Necessary vs. unnecessary certifications

In answering that question, you must first define whether or not the certification is necessary. For example, if you’re applying to be a truck driver and will be driving a semi-truck, you must have your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). There’s no way you can get the job without this license. Likewise, an entry-level nurse must pass the NCLEX exam, an accountant must get a CPA certification, and realtors must pass an exam to get their license in order to practice.

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