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Hey everyone! We've moved! We can't wait to see you at our new office!


Let Go of the Linear Career Path

What if we all just acknowledged that there frequently is no one standard formula anymore and stopped expecting a nice, neat road we could speed down toward a fixed destination with no turnoffs or alternate routes?

4 Ways to Master the Phone Interview

Part of my job entails hopping on the phone and convincing companies and conferences to book me as a speaker. It’s like a job interview every time, and it always reminds me of my very first phone interviews for internships back in college. I was so nervous my knees would be shaking and I’d feel nauseous with anxiety. Even though I’ve become more comfortable over the years, there are still a few key best practices I rely on to make the best possible impression.

“Ghosting” is Now a Thing in the Working World

You'd never dream of following up with a hiring manager by texting, "You up?" But certain dating practices are seeping into the way we look for jobs, and it's not a good thing. Ghosting isn't just for dating anymore. Maybe it's because the economy is doing so well, but job applicants have apparently started ghosting employers during the hiring process.