Stick The Landing! Surprising Interview Tips

interviewThe Job Shop can help get you through the door at many companies, but often an interview will still be required. When it comes to launching a new career there really is no substitute for a great interview, and that means preparation, looking the part, and knowing the preferences of hiring staffs. The Job Shop and an excellent resume will get your foot in the door, but how to you take the final step through it?

Jon Youshaei over at Forbes has collected his top 12 unusual tips for interviews, and provides both excellent advice and concrete examples of each tip. These go beyond the typical “Be professional” and “make eye contact” tips you’ll find everywhere. For example, Jon suggests using Google Alerts to set up notifications for the company you’ll be interviewing at, keeping you both up to date and well informed. This kind of specific advice can be invaluable for candidates looking for an edge.

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