The 18 Stages of Coming Back to Work After the Holidays


Author: Eliot Bell
Source: The Muse

No doubt about it, coming back to the office from extended time off can be a struggle. Just when you got comfortable, forgot about work, and perfected your vacation sleep schedule, reality returns. And it’s not pretty.

For anyone just not quite feeling ready for next week, we’ve pulled together a visual representation of the 18 stages of heading back to the office.

1. It’s Sunday night, and all is peaceful.

Image courtesy of giphy

2. Then, terror strikes out of nowhere.

3. It sinks in. You have to go to work tomorrow.


Image courtesy of giphy

4. You double check the calendar to make sure. Maybe you’ve made a mistake and there’s one more vacation day.

 Image courtesy of giphy

5. Nope, tomorrow is a work day.

Image courtesy of giphy

6. Anxiety strikes. You peek at your work email, and it’s not pretty.

 Image courtesy of giphy

7. You force yourself to go to bed early.

Image courtesy of giphy

8. And what feels like 10 minutes later, the alarm goes off.

 Image courtesy of giphy

9. Snooze.


  Image courtesy of giphy

10. Snooze again.

Image courtesy of giphy

11. Die, alarm clock. Just die.

12. You contemplate taking a sick day. It would be totally believable, right?


Image courtesy of giphy

13. But, instead, you struggle to get to work, and feel like you barely made it.

 Image courtesy of giphy

14. You put on your best fake smile, and tell everyone how happy you are to be back.


Image courtesy of giphy

15. And try to contain your annoyance when someone else way overdoes the pretending-that-being-back-is-exciting act.


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