The 6 Skills Graduates Really Need To Get Employed

shutterstock_238547359-e1452697775726Author: Ruby Lowe
Source: Undercover Recruiter

With the estimated number of job seeking graduates increasing, it’s important that graduates show off the skills that employers really want to see. It’s not just about the skills you were taught at university – it’s the knowledge you’ve built up along the way, and the type of person that this experience has molded you into. So what things are employers really looking for?

1) A positive attitude:

There’s nothing worse than working with someone who’s negative. The type of person that always has something to moan about and is never upbeat, excited or positive. A positive attitude can turn your world around, you’ll even notice people communicating with you differently.

2) Confidence:

Employers are looking for the perfect employee that’s confident but not arrogant. It can be a hard balance to find but having a confident stride, handshake and interview are all good signs.

3) Squeaky clean social media:

There’s nothing professional about being tagged in a photo on Facebook that shows you chugging vodka in a club on Saturday night. You should make sure your social media platforms are as PG as possible. A good tip is to question whether or not you would show your grandma an update…if not, get it off! Being professional doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your online personality however – an employer might even giggle at your stupid jokes.

4) Good communication skills:

Communication is an all important decider in whether a candidate is suitable for a certain job. The most important thing with communication is being clear, whether that’s in person, in writing or on the phone.

5) Creative and outside thinker:

Employers are not looking for robots who fit the job spec. They are looking for candidates who can bring something new, exciting and innovative to the team. Show them that you can solve problems creatively.



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