Using Recruiters for your Job Search: Pros and Cons

should-use-recruiter-job-searchAuthor: Pamela Rossow
Source: Careerealism

If you are searching for a new career or you are an eLearner earning your college degree online, you may have wondered if a recruiter could help you find employment more easily than if you take on the challenge by yourself. What might assist you in making the decision whether or not to utilize a recruiter’s services? Here are some pros and cons…


Steady stream of work. If you are good at what you do, then using a recruiter could be a great way of channeling a continuing stream of work. It is best to be honest about the type of work you are looking for, your educational and career background, and your qualifications. If you are not, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

It’s cheap. Since you do not have to pay an employment agency to assist you in your job hunt if you use a recruiter instead, you could bank that money you might have otherwise spent.

Get in the door. Recruiters are generally well-connected people. They know other recruiters and they may even share information they glean. Plus, they have reputations to uphold with their clients. If you make use of a recruiter’s services, you could find yourself presented with more opportunities with larger companies that you may not have stood a chance with on your own.


Missing information. Do not assume that a recruiter will tell you everything you need to know about a particular job opening. Be sure to ask questions. For example, if you receive an offer to travel out-of-state for a job interview, ask who is footing the bill for your travel expenses. To pay out-of-pocket for airfare, a rental car, and hotel room only to discover that you did not get the job and you are not going to reimbursed could be costly.

Misunderstanding your skills. Recruiters are like managers. While they may know certain industry buzzwords, they might not understand exactly what it is that you do. Therefore, it is up to you to fill them in on your expertise so that the job opportunities you may receive are viable, potential options.

You may not hear back from them. This reality could happen to you. You might not be a great match for the openings they have. It may be okay to follow-up once or twice during the process but any more than that and you could get labeled as a pest.



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