6 Ways To Cope With A Terrible Manager

badboss1Author: Ruby Lowe
Source: Undercover Recruiter

If you’re in a job you love but have a boss you hate, things can get difficult. Management makes a real difference to working life – motivation can disappear if you feel uninspired or under appreciated. But if it looks like their here to stay – it might be worth adjusting your mindset and changing up some things in order to cope.

1) Don’t fight fire with fire

Reacting to a horrible boss can be difficult, as  it’s easy to get angry and let emotions get in the way. Don’t let frustrated feelings build up and then pour out irrationally – talk to peers or colleagues about your difficulties and accept advice from them. From there you’ll be able to act rationally (not angrily!).

2) Remember the reasons you love your job

Sometimes it can feel like a bad boss takes over your entire life. It’s important to remember that they are only one part of your life – and that it shouldn’t effect every aspect of you life/job.

3) Be autonomous

If you don’t get on with your boss, sometimes it’s best to act as your own leader instead of having to rely on a manager or boss you don’t like. Make your own leadership decisions, but make sure not to undermine your manager – keep them informed of any decisions you do make.

4) Always take the high road

Never let your bosses behavior effect yours in a negative way. Remember the saying “don’t cut off your own nose to spite your face”. Acting entitled, losing interest or not performing isn’t going to reflect badly on your boss, it’s going to reflect badly on you. Think about your personal brand!


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