7 Ways to Be the Most Likable Person in Every Room

likableAuthor: Chris Taylor
Source: The Muse

You can probably think of a handful of people at the office whom everyone seems to genuinely like, people who are indescribably charming and magnetic, people you want to work with and get to know better, people you want to emulate.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were one of those people? Of course it would be!

The following seven tips are great (and easy) ways to be more likable at work that you can put into action today.

1. Find the Right Co-sign

In the real world, the average person’s probably reluctant to co-sign for someone on a new car or apartment. Luckily it’s much easier in the office to find a guy who’s willing to take a chance and vouch for you. So identify the power players and work to build a relationship with those who are already well-liked and admired. Then, follow their example.

2. Play Your Position Like an All-Star

It’s rare to catch LA Clippers point guard Chris Paul battling Dwight Howard for a rebound. Still, the six-foot Paul remains an eight-time All-Star because he plays his position really, really well. Figure out what you can excel at and work it. Maybe you’re a numbers whiz, a vocabulary master, or confident presentation person. Do you know everything there is to know about Google Docs, or have more email hacks up your sleeve than anyone could possibly need?

Whatever it is that adds to your awesomeness, take advantage of it and share your knowledge.

3. Set Up Regular One-on-Ones

Make a coffee date or out-of-office lunch plan with various co-workers throughout the week. They can be people you know well, people you’re just getting to know, and others whose names you’ve just learned.

Don’t underestimate the power of a one-on-one interaction, which can quickly help you forge a connection with a new colleague. Learning about other departments is beneficial to your work, but if you can go deeper and discover something non-work related about the people you work with, all the better.

4. Make an Effort to Socialize

Someone has to send the email or spread the word about where to grab those happy hour drinks—could that person be you? Organize an evening get-together at a local bar, or offer to lend a hand to your colleague responsible for organizing these events. If drinks aren’t really a part of your office’s culture, consider other ways to initiate social interaction with colleagues outside of business hours.

Maybe there’s a networking event a few of your team members could attend as a group. Or, perhaps, you put a feeler out there for a book club or sports team. Making an effort can go a long way in getting people to think you’re pretty awesome.

5. Find Small Ways to Connect

Bond with your peers by keeping them up-to-date with the newest and most exciting news. Listen to their interests and ask questions. Send restaurant reviews to the office foodie or share info on the summer concert lineup to the musically inclined crew. These recommendations are exactly the kind of gestures that’ll make you a memorable colleague.



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