5 Lines Everyone Wishes Their Co-Workers Would Say To Them

friendlyAuthor: Alyse Kalish
Source: The Muse

How many times have you thought how great it would be if your co-worker congratulated you on your latest project, or said “Happy Birthday,” or asked how you were feeling when you were having a terrible day? And how often has that thought actually turned into an action?

It’s nice to be appreciated and connect with the people you work with. The thing is, no one’s a mind reader. However, I’m sure we can all agree you’d love to hear these lines more often.

1. “Great Job!”

You’ve just submitted a proposal that took 10 long days (and nights) to complete, and you’re silently fist-pumping, yet no one seems to notice your excitement. Or, the only congratulations you get on that new initiative is a formal email from your boss that merely says “Good work.”

Sure, it’s nice to get a shout-out from the person above you, but nothing makes you feel truly accomplished than the recognition of your colleagues. Even if they weren’t a part of it and have zero idea what any of it means, just a small part of you wishes they would at least lend you a high five—or, even better, ask you more about it.

2. “How Can I Help?”

You’re practically sweating through your shirt and your desk is a mess. Doesn’t anyone see your struggling to get through the day? Doesn’t Turner from accounting have anything better to do than shoot paper balls into the nearest trash can?

You’re not incompetent (and you certainly don’t want anyone to think you are), but an offer of a helping hand would make your day a whole lot better—even if you ultimately turn it down.

3. “Thanks for the Help”

Not only did you do all your work, but you managed to assist Tracy in tackling that big client report. You didn’t mind, because you like Tracy and knew how important it was to her. But, a simple thank you wouldn’t hurt, especially because no one else stepped up to the plate when she was in need (and that report did mean you had to stay past 7 PM).



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