Common Interview Advice that is Detrimental to Your Career

Author: Jack Kelly Source: Forbes With the best of intentions, people have been doling out really bad interview and career advice for years.  Family and friends mean well, but they tend to offer career counseling without having an actual clue about the specific circumstances and nuances of the recipient’s unique situation. It's your dad who …


3 Rules for Writing the Perfect Pitch

What’s something that you want in your career? More clients? A new job? Attention for your app? More readers? Whatever it is, you have to pitch someone in order to get it.

Richard Branson’s Advice to Elon Musk is Fantastic for Everyone

Author: Catey Hill Source: Moneyish To be a good leader and get promoted, you must learn this skill Stop doing and start delegating. On Tuesday, Virgin CEO Richard Branson had some savvy advice for Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk: do less, delegate more.”I think he maybe needs to learn the art of delegation,” …