Tweak Your Job and Come Home More Energized

scateboardAuthor: Charlotte Billington
Source: The Undercover Recruiter

Have you ever come home feeling completely flat and exhausted and on other days buzzing and energized and wondered why that is? What you do, who you see, who you interact with and the feedback you are given within that day could give you all the clues that you need.

Once this information is known we can tweak our positions accordingly to include more of the things that satisfy, motivate and energize you.

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The Muse Founders Believe You Can Have The Career of Your Dreams

foundersAuthors: Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew
Source: The Muse

The following is an excerpt from The Muse founders’ new book, The New Rules of Work: The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career, which hits the shelves April 18, 2017.

We believe you should love your job. In fact, we believe that you should be thrilled with your job. And more than thrilled—fulfilled by it.

We believe that you can find a career that gives you purpose, one that lets you use a set of skills that give you pride, and enjoy a day-to-day that gives you meaning. We believe that your work can—and should—be a part of who you are, what you value, and what you want for the future of the world.

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3 Moves Smart People Make When They Get a New Boss

newbossAuthor: Sara Mccord
Source: The Daily Muse

Getting a new boss can be nerve-wracking. For better or worse, you’ve figured out how to work with current manager. You know how long it takes him or her to reply to an email, the best approach for pitching new ideas, and how he or she defines “Urgent!”

But there’s no denying that working for someone new is an opportunity. Even if you’re one of the lucky few who loves your boss, a new person will push you to grow. At the very least, building that rapport all over again is a valuable skill.

And if your felt like your old manager was holding you back? Then, this just might be the break you needed.

Of course, wanting things to get off on the right foot isn’t enough to make it so. The people who make the most of this opportunity do the following three things:

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Profiling Success: Walter Hernandez


The box of cookies we send to all our successfully placed candidates.

Here at The Job Shop we work hard to place you in a great job, and it is always wonderful when we have a success story to share. The Job Shop was started with a unique concept in mind – provide our clients and our candidates with the respect that they deserve. We offer guarantees on every placement that we make, to ensure satisfaction both for our candidates and our clients, and Walter is a great example of how that benefits everyone!


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Are Graduates REALLY Not Skilled Enough?


Author: Lizzi Hart
Source: Undercover Recruiter

You probably saw many articles circulating, quoting a press release from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) reporting that half of graduate employers believe graduates are not skilled enough.

Do graduate employers genuinely believe that graduates aren’t ready for work, or is this just a sensational headline? We speak to talented and bright graduates and students every single day, we were therefore curious about the claim and wanted to investigate further.

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4 Small Talk Tips to Ensure Your Interviewer Likes You

smalltalkAuthor: Kat Boogaard
Source: The Daily Muse

You have a job interview fast approaching, and that jittery feeling is already brewing in the pit of your stomach.

Sure, there’s plenty to be nervous about. You’re worried about being able to make it to the office on time without getting lost or stuck in traffic. You’re anxiously preparing answers to common interview questions so you can knock your responses out of the park. You’ve researched the company relentlessly, selected your perfect interview outfit, and even did a little innocent LinkedIn stalking of the hiring manager.

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4 Things People Who Truly Enjoy Their Work Do Differently

enjoymentAuthor: Dorianne St Fleur
Source: The Daily Muse

While it’s true that terrible jobs are often directly related to a horrible boss or boring, tedious work, things that can be hard to problem-solve, many people have found a way to enjoy what they do in spite of a few outstanding negatives. A recent study showed that 49.6% of people enjoy their jobs.

Even though almost half of employees like their jobs, if you’re part of the 50.4% of people who don’t, it can be hard not to see folks who love what they do as unicorns of the workplace. People who’ve been given access to the best jobs and opportunities and who have all the chips falling into place. The lucky ones.

But the truth is, more often than not, people who are satisfied with their jobs simply do a few things differently than everyone else—they don’t necessarily have the best managers or a to-do list full of very important items. Here’s what sets them apart:

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