5 Ways to Get Exactly What You Want With Better Communication

communicationAuthor: J. Maureen Henderson
Source: Forbes

We’ve all had those conversations where we think we’ve been crystal clear with a colleague or colleagues and have gotten everyone on the same page, only to find out later that our understanding of what was said doesn’t at all match up with someone else’s. Unfortunately, discovering that often doesn’t happen until after we’ve reckoned with the consequences of the initial miscommunication–a critical missed deadline, a hot sales prospect that fell through the cracks, a coworker who feels insulted and is stoking a major sense of resentment. If you want to get your needs met in the workplace, you have to be strategic and deliberate about your communication. Here are five ways to make yourself better heard and understood.

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3 Guilt Free Ways to Ask People to Quiet Down in an Open Office

imageAuthor: Richard Moy
Source: The Muse

There are obvious benefits to an open office. Have a question for your manager? You can just walk right over to her. Want to have an impromptu conversation with your team? You don’t even need to go into a conference room.

But there are also times when you really need to get something done—and all that ruckus around you makes it hard to focus. You could just shout, “Hey, jerks! I need some quiet time!” But that’s not only rude, it probably won’t work, either.

If you’re at a loss for ways to tell your co-workers to be quiet in your open office, here are a few ideas to help you get what you want.

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What Employers Think When They Look At Your Resume

resumethoughtsAuthor: Erika Jones
Source: CareerThoughts

As a former hiring manager and now career counselor, I have been privy to reading hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes. Looking at it from the “other side of the table” is an interesting exercise, for it can highlight an entirely new perspective. Here is my take on what an employer is REALLY thinking when they read your resume.

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How to Handle Holiday Stress

HOLIDAY-STRESSAuthor: Robin Madell
Source: USNews

You were already busy, but now you’re crazy busy. The holidays are here, and if you feel like your stress level is escalating, you’re not alone. That overwhelming feeling is almost expected during the holiday season.

That’s because the holidays bring more of everything, both good and bad. While there’s more opportunity for festivity and fun with family and friends, there’s also the flip side: more money spent, more pressure to do everything in too little time and more chances for conflict in your relationships.

There’s even more email, which research has consistently found to be one of the biggest contributors to stress during busy periods like the holidays. According to Sociometric Solutions, a startup out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology that measures how people behave and interact at work.

In short: “‘Tis the season to be tired, cranky, bloated and broke,” says Richard Bedrosian, director of Behavioral Health for Wellness & Prevention, Inc. “Holiday stress can overwhelm people in some of the same ways as job stress, so individuals may experience a double whammy as these life stresses compound one another.”

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Why You Should Take Your Holiday Pay

take-your-vacationIt’s the most wonderful time of the year…to not go to work. Start requesting days off now, so you don’t lose your paid time off (PTO) at the end of the year.

Author: Lily Martis
Source: Monster

The end of the year is a busy time for everyone. What with all of the gift giving, holiday parties, and a million other things you have to get done before the year’s end, you might find yourself like most Americans and not take time off from work to actually enjoy this festive season with the people you love.

In their annual study, the U.S. Travel Association’s Project Time Off found that 54% of employees left unused vacation time on the table in 2016, collectively throwing away 662 million vacation days.


Don’t be a Grinch staying holed up in your cubicle for the remainder of the year. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to take time off from work and some tips on how to fully disconnect on your time off.

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December Might Be The Best Time To Look For Work

decemberjobhuntAuthor: Gina Ragusa
Source: Mic

Job seekers who think December is worst time of the year to hunt for work may need to rethink their strategy, as some recruiters say the holidays are the best time to find new hires. Rather than taking a break from the search because you think decision-makers are too distracted with holiday parties and vacation, it’s actually smart to ramp up your efforts.

“Most people looking for a new job tend to think the holidays is a good time to take a break,” Doug Matthews, president and CEO of Career Partners International, said in a press release. “This is never a good idea. In my 30 years working with candidates in outplacement, December is one of the strongest months to receive job offers.”

In fact — despite some advice that says February and January are the best months to find a job — if you wait until the new year, you may miss a great opportunity. Why? Competition increases after the first of the month, Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster, said. “Recruiters also have more time to focus on your application during the holidays because it’s a little slower and they receive [fewer] resumes.”

Want even more specific advice? Submitting your application on a Monday or Tuesday seems to be a sweet spot to get a reply, some data suggests.

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Show You’re A Leader On Your Resume With These 34 Words and Phrases

leaderAuthor: Jenny Foss
Source: The Daily Muse

One of the most common types of people I work with are those aiming to elevate their brand messaging to more loudly announce, “I’m one hell of a leader!” as they change jobs.

It’s one thing to be good at tasks, projects, and areas of specialization, but if you’re aspiring to manage teams, you simply can’t stop there. You also have to position yourself as an inspiring, effective leader.

There are hundreds of words and phrases that’ll help give those who review your resume or speak to you in an interview an immediate hint that you’ve got leadership firepower.

Here are a few of my favorites:

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