How to Evaluate Career Advice

Career and job search advice is plentiful today, and much of it is now research-backed. So, it's easy to forget that on occasion, best practices won't apply to your situation and may, in fact, backfire.


4 Ways to Master the Phone Interview

Part of my job entails hopping on the phone and convincing companies and conferences to book me as a speaker. It’s like a job interview every time, and it always reminds me of my very first phone interviews for internships back in college. I was so nervous my knees would be shaking and I’d feel nauseous with anxiety. Even though I’ve become more comfortable over the years, there are still a few key best practices I rely on to make the best possible impression.

There is More Than One Way to Find Your Purpose

We’ve all had that nagging feeling, wondering what it might be like to pursue our true calling. And when our purpose is hidden (or ignored), life both in and out of the office can feel uninspired. However, it can be incredibly difficult to change tracks, as we often find comfort in the safety and security of the familiar.

6 Things You MUST Stop Telling Yourself While You Look for a Job

Author: Gabriela Balicas Source: Planted Let’s state the obvious: job hunting is kinda hard. No matter how accomplished you are, you’re inevitably going to get a whole portfolio of rejections. This is the first time you’ve received this many rejections in a row since joining Tinder. You might have started to doubt yourself. You might …