How to Know if You’re Ready to Be a Manager

managerAuthor: Kat Boogaard
Source: The Muse

You’re interested in stepping up into a management role with your current company, but there’s just one question that keeps nagging at you: Are you ready?

Sure, you’ve produced consistently great results in your existing position and have forged some solid bonds with many of your colleagues. You’re proud of that—but, you’re also unsure of whether or not that truly means you’re cut out for a step up the proverbial ladder.

Fortunately, there are a few other telltale signs you can keep your eye out for that will help you figure out whether or not you’re actually management material.

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What on Earth Are You Waiting For?

dreamAuthor: Ruby Lowe
Source: Undercover Recruiter

Are you constantly telling yourself that if things were a little different, you could do great things? Meanwhile, are other people forever telling you how much potential you harness?

If you ever find yourself daydreaming about a different career, living in a different city or traveling more, it’s time to get your motivation up off the ground and get going. We’ve all found ourselves longing for more at times, whether it’s relating to work or our personal lives. Sometimes these daydreams can seem just like that, a dream you have to pass the day; something very unbelievable and completely unrealistic. But did you know there’s a secret tip to actually getting things you want? It’s simple: just do it. 

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What to Avoid When Figuring Out Your New Career

dreamAuthor: Zoë B
Source: Huffington Post

If you’re anything like me, trying to figure out your ideal career can be a mixture of pain and confusion. It’s like a long dark rabbit hole. Such an overwhelming question to try and answer.

Having gone through the process myself (and assisting a tonne of other people to do it too), I’ve learned a lot over the past few years, and I’d love to share one of the things that I’ve seen helps the most. Because hopefully, this will make your quest just a little easier.

What I have noticed is this; when we try to think about such an overwhelming question on our own, we tend to get in our own way. We put too much pressure on ourselves and wind up blocking a lot of our own inner knowledge. Things get confusing and don’t make much sense anymore.

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6 Pieces of Advice That Make The Jump Possible

JUMPAuthor: Abigail Ogilvy Holden
Source: Huffington Post

I left a job and steady salary to take time off and find a way to follow my passion as an owner of a Contemporary Art Gallery. In the year I spent opening my business, I found myself in more unexpected scenarios than I could have ever imagined. My motto became: “Don’t plan, close your eyes and jump, and enjoy every moment of it.” In just 14 months between leaving my job and opening the gallery, I worked as a cashier at a family run hardware store, became the General Manager of two Italian restaurants, opened a pizza shop, brushed up on my Spanish, learned to appreciate homemade pasta, lived in New York, and made friends from all walks of life. The journey isn’t always planned, so open your eyes and allow the unexpected come your way.

The Top 10 Career New Years Resolutions

new-year-e1449594202965Author: Sophie Deering
Source: The Undercover Recruiter


New year, new start and all that. For a lot of us, the beginning of a new year is the force we need to kick us into action and to encourage us to adopt a proactive attitude towards achieving our goals.

Though new years resolutions are commonly focused on getting fit or picking up a new hobby; a large number of people aspire to make changes at work and take steps to give their career a much-needed boost.

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Saving Money and Growing Your Business with a Coworking Space

piggy-bankYou’ve put yourself out there to start your own business, and your entrepreneurial spirit has begun to pay off with success. You’re need a real office space to continue growing, but aren’t ready for a whole office to yourself. What’s the solution?

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Technology Tuesday: Breaking Out of the Rectangle

Runcible-08Author: Kyle Vanhemert
Source: Wired

Screens are rectangles. Even the 3-year-old playing with your iPad could tell you that. But what would the digital world look like through a different sort of frame? Say… a circular one?

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