What to Do if You Have Been Unlawfully Fired

wrongful-terminationAuthor: Megan Purdy
Source: Workology

If you think you have been fired unlawfully from your job anywhere in United States, you should enlist the help of National  Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, which is a federal agency vested with the power to take action against employers who have violated the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, or NLRA. There are certain unfair labor practices mentioned in this act which are prohibited.

NLRB has clearly mentioned here that if your employer has done something that is part of unfair labor practices, you should approach the nearest regional NLRB office for assistance within six months of the incident. Go to this page on NLRB website to find an office in your area.

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The 6 Questions to Ask Before Saying “Yes”

yesornoAuthor: Jess Ekstrom
Source: Entrepreneur.com

When I started my business at 19 years old, I was so hungry to grow it that I said yes to just about any conference, any opportunity and anyone who would meet with me. Any idea I had was worth pursuing.

It worked out. I grew my business to be my full-time job out of college, and we’re now six years strong. I credit a lot of the growth to just showing up and saying yes. Opportunities couldn’t happen to me if I wasn’t there for them. For years, I’ve been armed and ready to seize every glimmer of opportunity and give it my all.

But in 2017, I found myself still saying yes — without the same energy as I did before. I would agree to meet for coffee so someone could pick my brain about their business idea when I was slammed with work. By the time I was done, my energy for my goals and dreams was depleted.

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How to Recover From Your Boss Saying “No”


Author: Richard Moy
Source: The Muse

It’s hard not to get excited when you wake up with an idea that you think your boss will love. Not only will it add one billion dollars to your company’s bottom line and make everyone’s wildest dreams come true, but you’ll probably go on to become a company legend.

But then you present your idea at a departmental meeting and your boss responds with a curt, “I don’t think it’s worth pursuing right now.”

And it’s crushing, right? I know from personal experience that hearing “no” from your boss can be really hard to bounce back from—whether you’re pitching an idea, asking for a raise, or proposing a change to your responsibilities.

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3 Signs You Need Some “Me” Time

metimeAuthor: Alyse Kalish
Source: The Muse

According to my Myers-Briggs test, I’m an extrovert. Yes, I like being around people, yes I crave attention, and yes, I do get most of my productive energy from others.

But I also like being alone. In fact, I’m most comfortable when I’m by myself. And when I’m overwhelmed at work, I’d rather take a walk around the block solo instead of grabbing a coffee and venting.

Does this sound like you? You’re not crazy, you just know what does and doesn’t work for you.

Here are three big signs that you need some “me” time—no matter how social you normally are:

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5 Tips for Getting a Job After College Fast

now-whatAuthor: Meghan Ivarsson
Source: WorkAwesome

Getting a job after graduation is not very hard, but finding the one you really want will take some extra effort.

Of course you want a well-written resume, but there are several way ways you can ensure your success in landing a better job when you graduate.

Here are five tips, why you should try them and where you should start when you do.

1. Get involved with social media

LinkedIn is the place you should start if you want to enter the professional working world. The social media platform is nothing special, but it is well-known. It allows other members to see your profile, view your resume and check out credentials without having to “Friend” you.

Why? It is not actually about the magical effects of LinkedIn — it is about the people who use it. Corporate HR staff have to research into you as fully as possible via means other than your resume if they want to put you forward to be hired. LinkedIn is the biggest cheat that human resources can use since the invention of Google.

Starting point: Make sure every resume and email you send has a reference to your LinkedIn profile. Spend some time filling out your profile and make as many meaningful connections on there as possible.

2. Start blogging

Do not start a blog about your favorite Kardashian; start it about your chosen discipline. Show the world just how much you know. Post at least twice per month, but it needs to be a good one. You cannot afford to draft any old bunk. Your work needs to be high quality so that your potential employer can click on any one of them and see how great you are.

Why? It allows you to show the world that your qualifications actually mean something. It can be used to demonstrate your expertise and show that the information on your resume is correct. It may even pop up during the HR staff’s Google search, which will work heavily in your favor. HR staff love an Internet trail.

Starting point: You have files and files of school/college/university essays that are just sitting there. Edit them to make them perfect and publish them. If they’re long, break them into 500 word posts and publish them as a series.

3. Become an intern

An internship can be a good baby step into a future career. Some students want to have three or more internships prior to graduating.

Why? It does offer you a valuable bit of experience, but part of the reason is that it is an American tradition. Almost all career people have their intern stories. Unless you are entering a discipline such as the medical field, an internship is not needed, but it is still beneficial.

Starting point: Consult your guidance counselor and discuss your options. Check in with a favorite teacher who might have some ideas as well. Otherwise discuss it with an independent guidance company. They will put you on the right track for your chosen career, for the internships in your area and for your state.


Seven Tips to Stay Active at Work


Author: Adnan Manzoor
Source: LifeHack

Staying fit is important for a healthy and active life. Nowadays life has become so busy that it is not always possible to take time for a workout, but working out is important. For working people, it can be challenging to maintain a good working out routine to stay fit. When you spend so much of your time sitting at a desk you need to take out some time for exercising to stay active. Working long hours can be exhausting and it is possible to become lazy and lethargic. If you do not want to lose energy while working, then you need to follow some tips. Here are some of the tips for working people to stay active and fit despite their busy schedules.

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What Leaders Must Do In 2017

leaderAuthor: Anita Bruzzese
Source: QuickBase

In 2017, there will be a total solar eclipse, Elvis Presley’s Career Museum will open and more leaders will ask their employees to help them map out the future strategy and success of their companies.

That last prediction comes from Elise Olding, a research vice president with Gartner, Inc. who specializes in organizational and cultural change, and who is speaking at the Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit this week.

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