What To Do If Your Job Is Killing You

killingjobAuthor: Stav Ziv
Source: The Muse

If Jeffrey Pfeffer had to sum up his latest book in one sentence, he’d say that “the workplace is killing us and nobody cares.” Take a minute, because that’s quite a summary.

You should care, obviously. Employees, employers, governments, and societies all suffer from the effects of toxic work environments.

“If I work you to a point where you’re so sick physically or psychologically you can no longer work…you become the public’s problem,” says Pfeffer, a professor at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business whose research has focused on organization theory and human resource management. Companies are squandering money via medical costs, lost productivity, and high turnover, and governments and societies have to deal with the long-term consequences and costs to the public health and welfare systems.

In the U.S., 120,000 deaths a year could be attributed to work environments, according to Pfeffer’s book, Dying for a Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms Employee Health and Company Performance—and What We Can Do About It, racking up about $180 billion in health-care costs. He estimates that about half the deaths and a third of the costs could be prevented.

So once you know and care, what can you do to fight back?

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Using Recruiters for your Job Search: Pros and Cons

should-use-recruiter-job-searchAuthor: Pamela Rossow
Source: Careerealism

If you are searching for a new career or you are an eLearner earning your college degree online, you may have wondered if a recruiter could help you find employment more easily than if you take on the challenge by yourself. What might assist you in making the decision whether or not to utilize a recruiter’s services? Here are some pros and cons…

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How to Spot a Great Place to Work

happy-work-e1452693980599Author: Gill Buchanan
Source: Undercover Recruiter

If you’re looking for a new job, remember it isn’t just the job description you should focus on. It’s just as important to look for an organisation which will be a good fit for you, making it a great place to work. It’s where you will spend a significant amount of time and, outside of your family, work is said to be the biggest thing to influence how happy you are. Plus, the more comfortable you are in your workplace, the better you’ll be at your job.

We champion the ‘best employers’ initiative which highlights those companies which are great places to work by actively engaging, inspiring and motivating their employees, as this helps to attract the best talent to an organisation. But how can job seekers find out more about a company’s culture and whether they are likely to be happy there before accepting a job?

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Interested In A New Career? Small Steps Can Lead To A Big Change

steppingstonesAuthor: Gwen Knowles
Source: CareerShifters.com

Whether you know what your ideal job is or not, it probably feels a really long way away right now.

If you’re a Goalfinder (you’re looking for your ‘what’), you feel like you can’t take real action on your career change until you’ve figured out what you want to move into. And you’re so drained by your current job that you rarely have the headspace to give it any meaningful attention.

And if you’re a Pathfinder (looking for your ‘how’), the fact that your dream career feels a million miles away from your current reality is paralyzing. Making a big leap feels too risky, yet you don’t have the resources to take it slow.

If either is true for you, there is a type of role you can move to that will help you move wholeheartedly in the right direction for your career and lifestyle. I call it a stepping-stone role – and it can create that much-needed space to give your career transition the attention it deserves.

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