Your Resume Only Has 5 Seconds To Make an Impression. Here’s What you Should Do.

resumeAuthor: Jack Kelly
Source: Forbes

I’d like to offer you some counterintuitive advice: don’t spend too much time worrying or stressing out over your résumé. Yes, I know everyone else tells you to spend an inordinate amount of time writing, rewriting, correcting, asking people to proofread it and offer their comments and advice to absolutely seek out a professional résumé writer. They’re all wrong and misleading you. I’ll make this part of your job search really easy.

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An Introvert’s Guide to Interviewing

introvertAuthor: Yoona Wagener
Source: IdealistCareers

Interviewing can be a nerve-wracking experience, and if you’re an introvert, there may be an added level of complexity. It can be challenging to figure out how to do and say all the right things in an interview without presenting a forced, extroverted performance.

Here are a few tips to help you present yourself in a comfortable and honest way at your next interview. Hopefully, keeping these tips in your tool belt will make it easier to find a great fit for your work style.

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How to Learn to Love Your Job in 5 Easy Steps

caseofthemondays-1024x577Author: Liz Funk
Source: WeWork

No one wants to be Peter Gibbons. The main character in the widely-loved (and oft-quoted) movie Office Space was open about how much he hated his job at Initech Industries and how that affected his motivation (“I’d say in a given week, I probably only do about 15 minutes of real, actual, work”). And yet he was still drained by his job, because actively disliking your job is really draining.

If you sit at your desk fantasizing about making a career change or starting a side hustle or passion project, it’s time to move towards your more fulfilling goals—without quitting your job. Your current position can teach you what you want to learn, help you sharpen your favorite skills, and give you an arena to learn something totally new (with no reason to fear failure!). Here’s how to turn office water cooler water into lemonade.

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Hate Mondays? Here’s 1 Big Reason Why

mondaysAuthor: John Brandon

A new survey suggests there’s a reason Sunday nights are the worst for sleeping. Yet, Mondays are so precious for productivity. Here’s how I battled my way to a sound sleep.

Ever wonder why Mondays are such a drag?

You might want to take a closer look at a new survey about Sunday nights.

An app called Calm asked 4,279 people about weekly sleep patterns, and almost half (or 46%) named Sunday as the night they sleep the worst out of the week.

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10 Tips For Getting The Raise You Deserve

raiseAuthor: Stacey Lastoe
Source: The Daily Muse

You know it’s time. You’ve been anticipating this conversation for weeks now. The meeting’s on the calendar, and there’s no backing out now—not that you’d want to. No, you want this raise. You deserve this. You’re ready for this.

Deep breath. Your boss isn’t going to bite. Or will she?

Not if you’re as prepared as possible, as confident as can be, and as accomplished in your role as anyone deserving of a raise ought to be.

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Hangry vs. Happy: How Food Affects Mood

lec-nutritionAuthor: Laura Clark
Source: Undercover Recruiter

The clock change is imminent, we can’t remember summer and the lure of the duvet feels stronger than ever, leaving us with no choice but to search ‘mood boosters’ on Google!

Mood is a tricky commodity. A low mood is influenced by so much; often fickle by nature it can come and go or creep up on us unexpectedly as we drag our heels and struggle to get through the day. Interestingly, all the EU nutrition and health claims submitted for approval around ‘mood boosting foods’ have not been authorised. Maybe this is because it is hard to quantify improved mood or single out a specific nutrient or compound capable of such a tall order.

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What Careers Best Suit Introverts And Extroverts?

Career-InfographicAuthor: Sophie Deering

Would you identify yourself as being an introvert or an extrovert? You can find people who fall under each of these categories in most workplaces and particular traits displayed by each personality type mean that they tend to work in different ways.

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