You Don’t Have to Dread Work on Monday Mornings!

mondaysFor those who dread going to work on Monday morning, you’re not alone. But, according to Ciara Conlon, you can do something about it.

Author: Ciara Conlon
Source: SiliconRepublic

Are you one of those people who hates Mondays? Do you feel the dread seeping in on Sunday evening when you know you should check to make sure you have clean clothes, something for lunch and your game face at the ready?

For many people, Mondays are not their favourite day of the week, to say the least. Mondays represent ideas of detention, or being grounded for being cheeky to your mother.

But we all have 52 of these unloved days each year so, ideally, we need to learn to love them (or at least make the most of them).

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How to Learn to Love Your Job in 5 Easy Steps

caseofthemondays-1024x577Author: Liz Funk
Source: WeWork

No one wants to be Peter Gibbons. The main character in the widely-loved (and oft-quoted) movie Office Space was open about how much he hated his job at Initech Industries and how that affected his motivation (“I’d say in a given week, I probably only do about 15 minutes of real, actual, work”). And yet he was still drained by his job, because actively disliking your job is really draining.

If you sit at your desk fantasizing about making a career change or starting a side hustle or passion project, it’s time to move towards your more fulfilling goals—without quitting your job. Your current position can teach you what you want to learn, help you sharpen your favorite skills, and give you an arena to learn something totally new (with no reason to fear failure!). Here’s how to turn office water cooler water into lemonade.

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10 Monday Motivators to Get You Going in the Morning

MotivationAuthor: Maddy Foley

Mondays. Are. The. Worst. It is a fact known by all to be true. But a new study has shown that two things make Mondays slightly better: Music, and coffee. Not everybody likes music and coffee, though (I mean, you guys are weirdos, but that’s OK), so let’s talk about alternative Monday motivators to get you going in the morning. Because Mondays are the worst. That’s the thesis of this article. And anything that makes Mondays just a tiny bit better is worth it in my book.

Ipsos, a market media research company, recently partnered with Spotify to conduct a survey throughout the United States, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, and France about the driving forces between #MondayMotivation. Researchers found that 64 percent of respondents had little to no motivation on Mondays. To, like, function as humans. This is understandable, because… well, do I really have to say it again?

The five-day, Monday-through-Friday work week has been around since the turn of the 20th century (a mill in New England began closing so both its Jewish and Christian workers could observe the Sabbath), and since then, the practice has been adopted throughout much of the Western world — even though it’s been shown that four-day work weeks are good for us. So the next time that you’re grumpy, and groggy, and desperately wishing you could burrow back under the covers, just remember that you are in good company. A whoooole lot of people are feeling the exact same way. If you do not want to feel that way, because feeling that way is awful….

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