A Cover Letter Written from the Perspective of a Dog!

doggoAuthor: Alyse Kalish
Source: The Muse

We talk about including personality in your cover letter all the time—and the benefits of doing so. It makes you stand out against hundreds of qualified candidates. It shows you’re a good fit for the company. It proves you’re more than just a list of accomplishments on a piece of paper.

But, to be honest, it’s tough to know what that looks like in action.

So when I came across the following cover letter by Sarah Levy—written from the perspective of her dog, Cooper—that led her to become the Communications Manager at The Farmer’s Dog, I knew I had to share it.

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What You Should (Realistically) Do When You Make a Mistake On Your Job Application

mistakeAuthor: Alyse Kalish
Source: The Muse

You spelled the hiring manager’s name wrong on your cover letter. There’s a weird formatting issue on your interview assignment. You sent an older version of your resume that included blah, blah, blah under one of the titles.

Is all hope lost? Should you pack it in and give up, because you’re never landing that job?

Definitely not. In fact, there’s a simple way you can recover from your mistake and easily put yourself back in the running. Here’s how:

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3 Steps To Writing The Perfect Cover Letter

quick-cover-letter-makeoverAuthor: Debra Wheatman
Source: Careerealism

One of the most common questions asked of job search experts is, “Do I really need a cover letter?” To set the record straight, yes, a cover letter is necessary. The cover letter influences the reader’s first impression of you. It serves to sell you as a viable candidate or it knocks you out of the running.

Do you recycle the same old cover letter year after year? Perhaps you use a drab template stating “your enthusiasm for the position” and “my resume is attached for your consideration.” (Yawn.) Then there are the lackluster 600-word essays that are rarely read. Time for a cover letter makeover! Follow these three easy steps to a fabulous cover letter.

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Are Cover Letters Still Necessary?

cover-letterAuthor: Donna Svei
Source: AvidCareerist

A classic cover letter mistake has long been not bothering to send one. Call it a sin of omission. I’m OK with this because, as a recruiter, I almost never read cover letters. I find the resume a meatier, more comprehensive read than most cover letters.

You can find opinions a-go-go on the necessity of cover letters. Sadly, there’s not much hard data backing up either the pro or con positions. I was curious, so I decided to look for some good research on the topic.

I found three reliable studies from the past twelve years. They indicate that it’s a good idea to write a cover letter, but the most recent study shows the cover letter losing steam with recruiters. Here’s the scoop:

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Awesome Resource: Cover Letter Samples

writers-blockWriting a cover letter can be a daunting, frustrating task. How long (or short) should your cover letter be? How focused (or broad) should it be? How formal a tone should you take? These are answers that will vary based on each individual job, but luckily, About.com has put together an incredibly in depth collection of cover letter samples to help answer all those questions and more. Peruse them at your leisure!

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