4 Ways to Find the Perfect Hobby for You

Having a hobby that you enjoy—whether that’s crocheting a sweater for your bestie’s new baby, hitting the slopes to enjoy some fresh powder, or practicing pirouettes in ballet class—has all sorts of well-documented benefits, from lower levels of stress to an increased sense of belonging and purpose.


The 4 Step Method to Managing Your Anxiety at Work

Author: Nisha Kumar Kulkarni Source: Idealist Careers A 2009 New Zealand study found that one in seven women and one in 10 men in high-pressure jobs reported clinical levels of anxiety though they had no mental health history to speak of. This may resonate deeply with those engaged in mission-driven work, where balancing workplace demands …

9 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time Around Negative People

Author: Amy Morin Source: TheMuse Whether your mother-in-law is a constant complainer, your boss is an angry cynic, or your neighbor is a pessimistic downer, dealing with toxic people can be unavoidable. But the way you respond to toxic people is your choice. If you’re not careful, toxic people can negatively influence the way you …