21 Job Interviews that are Designed to Trick You

Sometimes, questions can be tricky or confusing. Interviewers ask them to learn more about you, including information you may be trying to conceal.


Common Interview Advice that is Detrimental to Your Career

Author: Jack Kelly Source: Forbes With the best of intentions, people have been doling out really bad interview and career advice for years.  Family and friends mean well, but they tend to offer career counseling without having an actual clue about the specific circumstances and nuances of the recipient’s unique situation. It's your dad who …

4 Ways to Master the Phone Interview

Part of my job entails hopping on the phone and convincing companies and conferences to book me as a speaker. It’s like a job interview every time, and it always reminds me of my very first phone interviews for internships back in college. I was so nervous my knees would be shaking and I’d feel nauseous with anxiety. Even though I’ve become more comfortable over the years, there are still a few key best practices I rely on to make the best possible impression.

How to Gauge a Company’s Culture in an Interview

Author: Emily Lamia Source: Idealist Careers Culture. It’s a big word. But what does it really mean? We seem to know how to identify bad organizational culture: constant stress, unreasonable workloads, and passive aggressive or mean people. But aside from unlimited snacks, casual Fridays, and a summer picnic, what goes into determining how to define …