The One Piece of Advice I’d Give My Younger Self

careersteps_largeAuthor: Daniel B. Kline, Selena Maranjian, and Maurie Backman
Source: The Motley Fool

If young me knew what older me knows, I never would have tried to pull off white jeans or a pink knit tie. I also would have made some different career decisions.

Of course, it’s easy to look back and see what you did wrong (and sometimes friends post examples on social media). What’s harder is avoiding the mistake in the first place.

One way to do that is to examine what other people did on their way to career success. The three Motley Fool contributing writers below have all found their way to meaningful work they enjoy and they have gained a little wisdom they want to share.

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4 Steps to Following Your Dreams (Without Falling Flat on Your Face)

jump“When to Jump” author Mike Lewis says you should pay attention to your daydreams because they might just be nudging you toward a leap into your ideal job.

Author: Anne Fisher
Source: Monster

Two years out of an Ivy League college, 24-year-old Mike Lewis snagged a high-paying job with Bain Capital Ventures, a finance arm of prestigious consulting firm Bain & Co. He knew he should be happy. After all, only a tiny percentage of candidates for jobs like this are chosen, so getting hired at the firm, he says, was “like winning the lottery.”

Yet, an avid and skilled squash player, Lewis found himself spending more and more time “staring at the wall” in his office, daydreaming about quitting his job to play squash. “What you have in mind is absolutely crazy,” said a friend to whom he confided his secret wish. “But there’s a difference between crazy and stupid.”

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What is a Personal Philosophy, and How Do You Live in Alignment with Yours?

personal_philosophyAuthor: Dr. Michael Gervais
Source: Thrive Global

People talk about “becoming” and “being” your best.

What is someone’s “best?” Seriously, what is your “best?” It’s incredibly difficult to get your arms around it, partly because it’s a moving target that is influenced by dynamically moving components: your current skill, your world-view and the environmental conditions.

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Advice on Career, Life, and Travel from Amazing Women

marriottAuthor: Laura Begley Bloom
Source: Forbes

It’s a steamy morning at Mayakoba resort on the Riviera Maya of Mexico, and Suzanne Cohen, VP of Luxury Brands for the Americas at Marriott International, has just finished a presentation on brand strategy at the ILTM Americas conference — an annual gathering of luxury travel advisors and industry professionals. It’s a glamorous setting, for sure, but Cohen has only flown in for a series of meetings. Right before this, she was in Los Cabos doing a site inspection at the soon-to-open Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort. Later that day, she’ll be off again to check out Marriott properties in other parts of the region.

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The Top 6 Actions that Promote Career Success

careersuccessAuthor: Cathy Caprino
Source: Forbes

In the past ten years of coaching and training professional women, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders, I’ve had a window into the lives of women who are dreaming big and wanting more, and getting it.  Through this lens, I’ve observed several key actions and behaviors that continually pave the way for greater success and expansion.  I’ve also witnessed and experienced behaviors and beliefs that sabotage success, and guarantee failure.

No matter what your professional goals and visions are, there are six core actions that will support you to achieve greater success and fulfillment over the long arch of your professional life.  These actions will help you understand what you truly want to be in life, take the right action to build your desired professional identity, and get the support you need to sustain you through the tough times.

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13 Ways to Find Meaning at Work

meaningAuthor: Megan Dalla-Camina
Source: Huffington Post

How would you rate yourself on the meaning scale in your career right now? Do you feel like you are working on purpose, that you have a calling and are acting on it, and that you have meaning in your work each day?

If you’re reading that in a cold sweat thinking to yourself, ‘what on earth is she talking about?!’ You’re not alone. And please don’t panic!

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6 Pieces of Advice That Make The Jump Possible

JUMPAuthor: Abigail Ogilvy Holden
Source: Huffington Post

I left a job and steady salary to take time off and find a way to follow my passion as an owner of a Contemporary Art Gallery. In the year I spent opening my business, I found myself in more unexpected scenarios than I could have ever imagined. My motto became: “Don’t plan, close your eyes and jump, and enjoy every moment of it.” In just 14 months between leaving my job and opening the gallery, I worked as a cashier at a family run hardware store, became the General Manager of two Italian restaurants, opened a pizza shop, brushed up on my Spanish, learned to appreciate homemade pasta, lived in New York, and made friends from all walks of life. The journey isn’t always planned, so open your eyes and allow the unexpected come your way.