You Don’t Have to Dread Work on Monday Mornings!

mondaysFor those who dread going to work on Monday morning, you’re not alone. But, according to Ciara Conlon, you can do something about it.

Author: Ciara Conlon
Source: SiliconRepublic

Are you one of those people who hates Mondays? Do you feel the dread seeping in on Sunday evening when you know you should check to make sure you have clean clothes, something for lunch and your game face at the ready?

For many people, Mondays are not their favourite day of the week, to say the least. Mondays represent ideas of detention, or being grounded for being cheeky to your mother.

But we all have 52 of these unloved days each year so, ideally, we need to learn to love them (or at least make the most of them).

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#MotivationMonday: 5 Tips to Beat the Monday Blues

wake-upAuthor: Safon Floyd

It’s Monday, and yes, you’re grateful that you have a job to get to today, as not everyone has that luxury, but you’re also a little sour because, well, it’s Monday. Not to rub it in, but this means there are 4 whole days AFTER today that you must get through before you can enjoy another weekend.

So, though blessed, also stressed.

Monday’s don’t have to be so bad, you know. These things are all about perspective. Shifting your perspective alone can shift the whole trajectory of your day—even your week. is here to help you pull this off. We’re in this thing together.

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