How to Include Hard and Soft Skills on Your Resume

light-bulbsAuthor: James Hu
Source: Undercover Recruiter

Through your education and work experiences, you’ve collected quite a bit of know how. Whether it be learning specific programs or tools for your industry or learning how to be more adaptable in the workplace, you want to make sure your resume reflects your skill set.

When it comes to applying for jobs, skills are categorized as hard and soft skills. Hiring managers across the board claim that both hard and soft skills are equally important when searching for candidates. But what is the best way to showcase both in your resume.

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3 Steps To Writing The Perfect Cover Letter

quick-cover-letter-makeoverAuthor: Debra Wheatman
Source: Careerealism

One of the most common questions asked of job search experts is, “Do I really need a cover letter?” To set the record straight, yes, a cover letter is necessary. The cover letter influences the reader’s first impression of you. It serves to sell you as a viable candidate or it knocks you out of the running.

Do you recycle the same old cover letter year after year? Perhaps you use a drab template stating “your enthusiasm for the position” and “my resume is attached for your consideration.” (Yawn.) Then there are the lackluster 600-word essays that are rarely read. Time for a cover letter makeover! Follow these three easy steps to a fabulous cover letter.

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25 Skills To Get Hired in 2016


Author: Jörgen Sundberg
Source: Undercover Recruiter

LinkedIn skills. LinkedIn endorsements. Do they actually matter or are they just there to look pretty on your profile?

One way they can come in handy is by looking at the data around what skills are most in demand around the globe with employers.

LinkedIn identified the 25 hottest skills that got people hired, globally and in 10 countries, by analysing all of the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred on LinkedIn in 2015. You’ll notice that tech and IT skills are very much in demand across the world.

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The 6 Skills Graduates Really Need To Get Employed

shutterstock_238547359-e1452697775726Author: Ruby Lowe
Source: Undercover Recruiter

With the estimated number of job seeking graduates increasing, it’s important that graduates show off the skills that employers really want to see. It’s not just about the skills you were taught at university – it’s the knowledge you’ve built up along the way, and the type of person that this experience has molded you into. So what things are employers really looking for?

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Lifehack Your Job

easyAuthor: Jason Demers

We all wish we could get more work done in less time. If we were more productive, we’d have a better chance at getting that raise, we’d have more personal time to do what we wanted, and we’d get closer to our goals much faster. Unfortunately, you can’t bully yourself into working harder. There’s no switch you can flip to suddenly make yourself a task-executing, process-churning machine.

There are, however, a number of different psychological tricks and games you can use to create an environment that naturally encourages you to do your best. These are seven of the best:

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Are Skills and Experience More Valuable Than A Degree?


Author: Casey Fleischmann
Source: The Undercover Recruiter

Today, employers are looking for a variety of talents, skills and personality traits in future candidates.

This means that people who haven’t attended university, have just as much of a chance of getting employed due to the potential skills and experience that they have gained in the time that others have spent studying for a degree.

So, what is more valued – a degree or experience and skill? Are both equally desirable or does one stand out more than the other?

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Career Mentorship Symposium

The Job Shop was happy to take part in the Career Mentorship Symposium held at Golden Gate University. The goal of the symposium was to give job seekers more face time with a recruiter and to really understand what they are doing right and wrong. Below, please find some of the topics that were discussed:

  1. Attention to detail
  2. What are some of the most egregious resume faux paus, i.e. “references available upon request”
  3. Using social networking
  4. How to prepare for an interview?
  5. How to research employers?
  6. What impresses/annoys hiring managers?
  7. How to handle following up before/after interview?
  8. What are the differences with dealing with recruiters vs. in-house hiring managers?
  9. How do you adopt the attitude of providing something to the employer as opposed to the employer providing something to the applicant?
  10. How do you dress for an interview?
  11. Does a firm handshake, etc. really matter?

Please contact The Job Shop at 415.227.8610 for more information about upcoming events.