How to Highlight Volunteer Experience in an Interview

Multiethnic Group Of VolunteersAuthor: Lauren Graham
Source: Idealist Careers

Volunteering can help to boost your skills and expand your network while you are transitioning between sectors, rejoining the workforce after a career break, or trying to figure out how to utilize a degree. And highlighting your volunteer experience in an interview is a great way to show that you’re committed to a cause and that it’s a priority for you on both a personal and professional level.

Read on to find out how to lift up your volunteer experience the next time you’re interviewing for a social-impact opportunity.

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Just in Time for the Holidays!

The Job Shop will be collecting new, unwrapped toys in our office. All donated items will be delivered to Toys for Tots for distribution later this month. If you would like to drop something off, we’ll include it in our delivery. Please join us in making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Career Mentorship Symposium

The Job Shop was happy to take part in the Career Mentorship Symposium held at Golden Gate University. The goal of the symposium was to give job seekers more face time with a recruiter and to really understand what they are doing right and wrong. Below, please find some of the topics that were discussed:

  1. Attention to detail
  2. What are some of the most egregious resume faux paus, i.e. “references available upon request”
  3. Using social networking
  4. How to prepare for an interview?
  5. How to research employers?
  6. What impresses/annoys hiring managers?
  7. How to handle following up before/after interview?
  8. What are the differences with dealing with recruiters vs. in-house hiring managers?
  9. How do you adopt the attitude of providing something to the employer as opposed to the employer providing something to the applicant?
  10. How do you dress for an interview?
  11. Does a firm handshake, etc. really matter?

Please contact The Job Shop at 415.227.8610 for more information about upcoming events.

The Job Shop Goes to Ecuador

Members of our staff took a trip to Ecuador to explore the great work that FINCA International is doing to provide financial services to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs. This financial support allows these entrepreneurs to create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living. Our team was excited to see how donated funds were used to jump start small enterprise through village banking.

Our staff members also had the opportunity to visit the Galapagos Islands to experience nature in its purest form. The Galápagos Islands form the Galápagos Province of Ecuador and are part of the country’s national park system.

The Job Shop’s Call to Service

“I Loved getting the office staff together to give back to the community we work and live in – we all have time to do this!” – Liz

“It was a great day for us.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to be outside with my coworkers, on the beach with beautiful weather and helping clean it up!” – Stuart

Inspired by President Obama’s call for one day of service on MLK day The Job Shop staff was eager to volunteer our time and energy to make a difference in our community. We decided to volunteer in the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and headed out to Ocean Beach to help clean up and do our part.

“Volunteer in the Golden Gate National Parks and help in our efforts to preserve and enhance these beautiful landscapes. It is through the help of volunteers, like you, that make it possible for us to restore sensitive natural habitat, maintain our trail systems, protect important historic and cultural resources, and educate and engage our local community. National Parks belong to all of us and through volunteering you will be making a vital contribution to the health of our local National Parks and our community.”