How to Handle Workplace Harassment

Employees can be harassed in quite a variety of ways at work. While sexual harassment garners most of the attention, many non-sexual types of harassment can, and do, often occur on the job.


4 Reasons You Always Seem to be Putting Out Fires at Work and How to Fix Them

Author: Abby Wolfe Source: The Muse I’d really rather not count the number of times in my career when I’ve been in a state of panic, getting caught up in one “crisis” after another. The page numbers in this presentation are wrong and it’s due today! We are doomed, absolutely doomed! Um, no, I can’t …

3 Reasons That Job Wasn’t a Waste of Time, Even if Your Current One’s Completely Different

Author: Abby Wolfe Source: The Muse For the past five years, I’ve worked in some sort of health-related job. From healthcare IT, to employee wellness, to college health. But now, I’m a full-time freelancer, focusing on writing, editing, and career coaching. It’d be easy to think that the past five years were a waste. Instead …