What Candidates Have To Say

The Job Shop was started with a unique concept in mind – provide our clients and our candidates with the respect that they deserve. We offer guarantees on every placement that we make, which ensures satisfaction for both for our candidates and our clients. Here’s what some of our previous candidates have to say about working with the Job Shop:

I have been both a client and candidate of The Job Shop for over 10 years, and cannot say enough good things about working with them on both sides.
They are extremely thorough, get to know your personality and needs, and find the position or employee that suits you best.
As a candidate, they will not call with just any position, or try to fit you into a situation you’re not suited for. It may take time, but they always come through with the right position for you.
As a client placed in an Office Manager position, I use the Job Shop for both my temporary and permanent administrative staffing needs. The quality of the candidates is such that several have remained as employees for many years.
Simply put, The Job Shop is the best… for candidates and clients!
–  Janet Isleib

My experience with the Job Shop started back in 1999 during the dot.com era and I had so much fun working with them as my assignments put me in so many different environments which has made the work interesting and exciting as well. I was able to work and utilize my skill sets and work in small business and corporate environments. They were able to place me in an assignment that was very rewarding to me and the company that I was hired for was very flexible with my announcing schedule which made it a perfect fit for me. I moved away and then decided to come back home and my previous experience with the Job Shop had me coming back to regain the experience I had with them before.
 –   Jay Nickell

I am over 50 and looked for a job for over two years with no results. I applied to many agencies and the only one that ever responded and tried to help me was The Job Shop. They are polite and responsive any time I have a problem.  As far as I am concerned they are the best agency in San Francisco.”
 –  Cray Tubbe

The Job Shop always keeps me busy with various temporary assignments that capture my interest. They already found me a great career that I stayed with for more than five years. Because of that, I have now returned to them and have been enjoying trying out new industries as I work on deciding what my next career move will be. The Job Shop has also been very flexible in understanding of the needs of my ever changing schedule. Warren, Jojo and Michelle are the best!!”
 –  Rodney Davis

Jeanmarie is in a class of her own. She is a wonderful recruiter. I was recommended to The Job Shop when one of my long-term contracts at a Law Firm was ending, because the client I was working for had used JoJo frequently. I built a relationship with The Job Shop and Jeanmarie through that initial connection almost two years ago.
Jeanmarie would encourage me to wait until I found the right fit and never pressured me to take a position which I wasn’t excited about. She is extremely communicative during the process, which is essential to being a good recruiter. I would highly recommend The Job Shop if you are looking for a professional recruiter who is looking out for your best interests as both a client and a candidate.
 – Tamara Litrich
Human Resources Generalist
Energy Foundation

The Job Shop is absolutely amazing and changed my life in a matter of weeks! I graduated college in December 2013 and had been looking for a job on my own for months. My old boss referred me to Jojo from  The Job Shop. I called him up and met with him the next day. We went over what kind of job I wanted (which was Temp to Hire) and he had one position available. They wanted someone to start immediately. I decided to have him submit my resume just to see if they would want me. I got a call the next day (Friday) that I was going to start on Monday. You wont believe how excited I was! This was a couple weeks ago. Yesterday I got the news that I’ve been hired full-time! You can imagine my joy and surprise that things worked out so quickly! I had been busting my ass and sending out resume after resume and not even get a response. THANK YOU JOB SHOP!!!
 –  Sheila S.

The Job Shop has been a superb job agency for me. I moved to San Francisco in July 2013 and they were one of about 6 or 7 job agencies I had signed up with. Out of those, I only ever even got one call from 2 agencies. The Job Shop got me a wonderful temp job at a company I loved, but they weren’t able to hire me on full-time (their budget, nothing to do with TJS). Then, after five months of nothing solid, when I thought I would have to go back to Indiana, Jojo found me a temp-to-perm opportunity with a company that I’m finding myself liking more and more each day. I think, at least for me, The Job Shop really listened to me when we met up and found positions that were really me. Jojo has been great and I will always appreciate them for introducing me to two awesome companies and getting me my first full-time job in San Francisco! Thanks, Jojo and The Job Shop!
–  Melissa Y.

The Job Shop is AMAZING!! Came home for an extended vacay and subsequently began looking for temp agencies. Other agencies had ridiculously drawn-out hiring processes (one was as long as a month). I went in for an interview and was placed in a position within the week. Every company I have worked for has been awesome and Warren and JoJo are extremely friendly, helpful and professional. I have been offered full-time positions, so the likelihood of getting hired full-time is high as long as you perform well, of course.

I HIGHLY recommend The Job Shop!!

–  Angela H.

My experience with the Job Shop was awesome!  The staff are very friendly and excellent with their follow through.  While the first position I interviewed for was a little trying, there was a lot of back and forth, Jeanmarie was great with keeping in contact with updates.  They eventually found me a great position that I was hired on full time! They even brought me cookies when I was hired on, that was pretty awesome and the cookies were quite delicious!  I would recommend the Job Shop to any of my friends or family looking for work in the city!
–  Brandon A.

Let us know how your experience with The Job Shop went! 
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